Selaine Saxby




The Executive



Currently Chief of Staff to Ben Howlett, Member of Parliament for Bath with full responsibility for the MP’s Westminster and constituency office ensuring the Member able to fulfil parliamentary and constituency duties smoothly whilst the team are efficient, motivated and all fully compliant with all current guidelines and protocols.  


Selaine was the Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Llanelli for 2015 (having worked as Campaign Manager to Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones in the Chippenham constituency in the May 2010 General Election).  


Selaine Saxby founded, the UK’s leading independent sports bra retailer in 2000 and ran the company for 16 years.  LessBounce employed a team of 5 local people and has won national and local awards.  Customer service is a particular strength and the ability to engage and support constituents, from diverse backgrounds, listen to their concerns and identify solutions, is a skill Selaine would bring to any constituency.


Selaine also founded Pink Aerobics in 2003, which she ran for 10 years, a series of aerobathons raising funds for breast cancer charities. Pink Aerobics has raised over £500K in total for various breast cancer charities.  In 2009 she was presented with the award for Outstanding Contribution to Breast Cancer Campaign (reg charity no 299758) – their top award, for her work on Pink Aerobics.


“Selaine has a diverse range of people and communication skills from running her own business.  These combined with her boundless energy will make her an excellent constituency MP.”    

Guy Opperman, MP Hexham